by dmc*

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four track recorded


released October 15, 2002

thank you everyone



all rights reserved


dmc* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dylan Sherwood McConnell has been a working musician for over 20 years, written and produced thousands of songs, and most recently tenured as Associate Creative Director for the Black Lodge Ensemble as well as resident composer for WDCD Radio.

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Track Name: prise
down river is the only trace
it looks just like a bell whose ringing days are over
hung there by the trees
with their heads slung low and mine there swinging lower

i would deny it
if you happened to ask me i would decline
but i'll drink up your sweet liquor
it feels like a sickness like a fever but its fine

a brass hollow fist
shifting shine-less in the dark
ringing like a prize
like a very special smile
like a beautiful lipped lie
a girlish little ape
like a fish like a gift
a bloodless promise

there's a hole in the boat
that's drawing on water
that draws along the water
that leads to you

-dmc* & jonny belt
Track Name: king of monsters
there are monsters all around here
with eyes like pointed knives in their heads
and faces like skulls
and skin painted in disguises

they holler just to mean to holler out loud
cause sometimes its the anger they feel
when the rest is unreal

its all cold in the ground
but for now we have this piece of dirt
where the brightest of your pennies
will lose their luster under it all

i may holler just to mean to holler out loud
and knowing always knowing inside
there's always goodbye

Track Name: crazy fight
everyone dreams
of killing a love
of filling your pocket
of getting it over

in everyone's dream
you're never the winner
or ever redeemed
in your dream

to be so good
and do so bad
each crazy fight
becomes habit to your hand

you cannot take heart
or care for yourself
or start to attempt
to offer to help

you are worse than crumbled
you are almost destroyed
but every morning and every evening
we are restored

what good is done
is undone again
hand against hand
without a friend

without end

Track Name: valentine
these shoes are split through
the pockets need mending
but one holds a valentine
a pink and paper heart

sewn it together with thread
to depart over water
and sent it away sleeping
and sleepily received it started

when you come to a piece of dirt
and call on it quiet
where the birds are black but unbothered
and your eyes have chance to rest

its here these hands are for you
its there these hands are for you

Track Name: patience
god has made your death for you
it is for you
it waits for you
and it fits into its place
when all things are equal
and shouldered by grace

it can always be so beautiful here
so horrible here
both blue and clear
and all of that glitters cause everything's gold
until i will desist
until memory folds

you will curse and move against
any tenderness that's given

not all of us are restored
the mourning makes you
somewhat better
but i've known safety in your numbers
numbered one
and confounded

you cant know the lengths i would go
without halving the whole
of a vigilant soul
were we ever to get what we deserve
in the end
it still is the end

you will curse and move against
any tenderness that's given

i am patient

Track Name: easy
you could help me build this building
you could help me find the words
you could help me fit this whole
into a picture of a place for all the things that you deserve

it could come so easy now
with a little effort and two more hands
it would make the spinning slow a little
and the hammers din a thing to tell the time

you could take the hammer
and hit the head
build the vessels to carry over hidden points
and draw away the dirty water

strange how it could be so easy

Track Name: dignified monkey
it's like its memory lives in my teeth
in the bone it quietly lies there
and a heart breathed beneath
beats black upon the air

resolution can live like a bomb
when its ready and looking for her
with a skull-face bulb switched on
you can find it on every corner

a mouth hangs dumb
a glance steals sweet
a hand gestures wanting
would she like to meet me?
the dignified monkey
would he like to meet me?
the dignified monkey

we can watch the way it goes by
and tell by the way that it leans
against the lightening sky
like a gigantic guillotine

against every mornings lament
and with seemingly effortless ease
i find finally a fancied end
to the most regrettable means

and a mouth hangs dumb
and a glance steals sweet
and a hand gestures wanting
would she like to meet me?
the dignified monkey
would he like to meet me?
the dignified monkey

Track Name: fine
your corpse has floated past
the ashes still showing red
it rose sweet like a candy drop
strolling around after you're dead is fine

it's in your weight pressed into the sheets
that i held over my head
in the worms and the soil is a safety
we should tower in our stature than rest in the ground instead
cause its fine

our flesh is firm and fair
what better vessels to fill
until welcoming in the day
when he will come and make my tongue forever still
but thats fine

Track Name: still spinning
this is no beginning
the ghost world is winning
they live there like jewels
strung out on spools

they live brave as a snake
then cold as clay
when sprung from the sky
they burst into fire

are you glad or glum when you are made undone?

what end will come of meeting?
uncurl your hand to greet me
leaving just sort of relieved
being just short of believed

grief will be a long time growing
this we'll see a long time showing

are you glad or glum when you are made undone?

Track Name: away wita land
walking through the pasture drunk on elderberry wine
fences hanging rubies dripping red from the vine
looking down my hands are clean and i'm doing fine

standing on a mountain of dirt and kicking it to dust
looking towards the hills when there's danger in the brush
there's no one here to rush me on so i can take my time

sleeping in the tallest grass and hiding from the sun
the moon can come and wake me with a bible and a gun
i'll eat my buttered biscuits and the crickets eat the crumbs

-dmc* & jonny belt
Track Name: sent away
we came together in mourning
so tired of fucking our friends
in a truthful but tender delivery
i fell you with these two hands
when i look towards the east now
i cannot see the dawn
when i look towards the west now
a darkness covers it all

somebody please
give them what they need
maybe they'll finally leave

made me a crown of your cunt
and pressed it up to my brow
i hoped we'd be winning for once
i been bested up til now
tomorrow i hear myself tell you
i probably said it before
i'd like to trade skills for your shelter
though i wish i could offer you more

somebody please
give them what they need
maybe they'll finally leave

now i've done what i think that you want me to do
and named what you what me to be
when this here between us has run out of use
i got no one to blame but me
truth is not always appealing
i've been nothing less than sincere
but even as friends i've a feeling
we been fucking each other for years

i often would wonder
if it was better
if we'd stayed together
and let them kill us all